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5 tips for improving self-esteem

Whilst some factors may inhibit the enhancement of self-esteem, these five tips are a crucial starting point for improving our self-esteem…

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To what extent is Dumont’s distinction between sociocentric and egocentric societies relevant to understanding individuality as a form of social action?

A modern society is one in which the desire for autonomy and independence fuels the shaping of the outer sociocentric realm by individuals forced to pursue individualist social action within and through a labyrinth of social complexities…

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Tram watching: a sociological case study

The seemingly mundane case study of people boarding and alighting trams, actually provides a rich canvas for analysing the way people embody valuable capital…

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Identities are historically and culturally contingent; the case of Cuban migrants in the 1960s

Our identity is not some unchangeable concept that is oblivious to the outside world. Rather, it is in a constant state of flux, where we are adjusting, moulding, and reassessing our identities in the context of historical and cultural effects and implications…


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