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Image: meeting of work colleagues. Pexel Free Phots Licence. Credit: fauxels on

Troublesome people and how to handle them

In work situations, we’re often stuck with people we find difficult to understand and manage. There are, however, some simple ways to successfully handle them…

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Image: Confident woman resting. Pexel Free Photos Licence. Credit: David Gomes on

How we can become more assertive

Whilst some people are noticed, others feel ‘invisible’ or that their opinions aren’t valid. Perhaps a degree of assertiveness is what’s missing. So here are some tips for developing this skill…

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Image: Older woman sitting in black coat. Pexel Free Photos Licence. Credit Cottonbro on

Improving our body image

An important element of attaining self-knowledge is learning to appreciate our bodies. Here are some tips for engaging with our bodies in a kinder way…


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Hi, I’m Samantha – writer and life coach. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology and a Masters in Publishing and Communication – both at the University of Melbourne. I love exploring aspects of culture and self-help literature. When I’m not socialising with family and friends or trying to stay upright on a dance floor, I love writing – my first passion!

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